Your CSTA Team

CSTA’s team is a passionate group with experience spanning the education sector and the association world. Our goal is to keep growing the CS community to ensure that every educator has a home.

Executive Director

Jake Baskin


• What it’s *really* like teaching K–12 CS and how CSTA can help you connect, grow, and share as a CS teacher
• Ideas for the future of CSTA

My CSTA Story

From my first week in the classroom, it was clear that I needed support. Although I worked with amazing colleagues, I was the only computer science teacher. As a one-person department, I was isolated. I wanted to connect with other CS teachers, and I had questions that could not be answered within my school or district.

Thankfully, I found CSTA’s Chicago chapter. During my first chapter meeting, they shared one of the early versions of the Exploring Computer Science curriculum. Three days later, my class was starting the first lesson in the curriculum, and I became a lifelong CSTA member.

My Story

Jake is the executive director of the Computer Science Teachers Association, the world’s leading association for K–12 computer science teachers. In this role, he led a complete turnaround of CSTA from the brink of insolvency to a thriving professional development and community-building association of over 20,000 members and 100 chapters worldwide. During his tenure, CSTA’s conference attendance has quadrupled. The organization has launched professional learning programs reaching over 5,000 participants annually, secured over $20 million in new funding commitments, and grown from a staff of two to a team of twenty.

He is a former high school computer science teacher, department chair, and professional development provider with Chicago Public Schools. As a teacher, he focused on increasing access to computing for underrepresented groups, and he more than doubled female enrollment in introductory computer science classes.

Prior to joining CSTA, he was director of state government affairs for, where he worked with educators and policymakers to advocate for policies that expand access to high-quality computer science education with state departments of education and governors’ offices across the country.

Project Manager, E_CSPD_Wk

Dr. Amanda Bell


• CSPDWeek Events
• PD Committee and PD Accreditation Process
• PD Provider Summits

My CSTA Story

Amanda was inspired to join CSTA because the organization’s focus combines her interests in computer science and education. While she has not worked as a formal classroom teacher, she worked as a dance teacher for several years. After earning her undergraduate degree in computer science, Amanda pursued research on STEM education, earning a PhD in learning, teaching, and diversity. Amanda enjoys learning from and supporting the members of CSTA as we strive to provide equitable access to CS education through quality professional development and other programs.

My Story

Amanda is the project manager for Expanded Computer Science Professional Development Week, a grant from the US Department of Education that supports teacher-driven PD events for K–12 CS teachers. Drawing on her experience in computer science and education research, Amanda also supports the work of CSTA’s PD Committee and PD Provider Summits to curate quality professional learning opportunities for CS educators.

Vice President of Education and Research

Bryan “BT” Twarek


• Standards
• Professional Learning
• Research

My CSTA Story

BT first learned about CSTA from using the CSTA K–12 CS Standards, which were especially useful and important to him given the lack of state, district, or local guidance on what should be taught in CS classrooms. He joined CSTA in 2014 for the same reasons as many others: to connect with educators doing similar work, to identify strong resources and independent guidance, and to deepen his knowledge and skills with computer science education. Since then, BT became increasingly involved as a CSTA member and volunteer before joining staff in 2019.

My Story

As VP of education and research, BT works to improve the teaching and learning of K–12 computer science. He manages the student and teacher standards, develops new programs and professional learning opportunities, and directs research projects. Most of his work involves equity-focused professional development for K–12 CS teachers.

Prior to joining CSTA, BT was a teacher and administrator in San Francisco. As computer science supervisor for the San Francisco Unified School District, he worked to expand equitable access to creative, rigorous, and relevant computer science instruction to all students. He managed the policy, curriculum, professional development, partnerships, and research that expanded annual CS participation from 700 mostly white and Asian male students in 2014 to over 25,000 students in 2019, with demographics that mirror overall enrollment.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and neuroscience from Yale University and a master’s degree in urban education policy and administration from Loyola Marymount University.

BT was a lead author of the K–12 CS Framework, the CSTA K–12 CS Standards, the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers, and California’s K–12 CS standards. He has also served as the district representative on CSTA’s board of directors.

Regional Chapter Support Coordinator, East

Ciara Pervall


• Planning and supporting chapter events
• CSTA awareness and recruiting efforts
• Attaining chapter goals, growth metrics, and grant funding

My CSTA Story

Ciara began her computer science journey in 2017 at a summer professional development summit. She was a first-year business and IT teacher who wanted to bring something new back to her classroom. Ciara learned so much and fell in love with CS concepts and the CS community!

My Story

Ciara became an educator as a career switcher in 2015. She started as a substitute teacher, went on to teach career and technical education for five years, and is presently a work-based learning coordinator for Chesapeake Public Schools. She has worked for organizations such as CodeVA and the College of William & Mary’s Center for Gifted Education, and she has also taught robotics for a district-wide cybersecurity camp in partnership with Old Dominion University. Ciara currently serves as the president of CSTA Tidewater Virginia and is the first CodeVA board member to serve as representation for all active classroom teachers.

In her free time, she loves traveling, volunteering, and spending time with her family, her friends, and her pup, Chino.

Event Manager

Dana Weingartner, CMP


• CSTA Annual Conference
• CSTA Summits
• CSTA Grant-Funded Events

My CSTA Story

Dana joined CSTA in 2021 and has learned so much about CS education since! She is inspired every day by the work CSTA members are doing within and outside of the classroom to ensure that students have access to an equitable CS education. She feels very lucky to get to play a part in supporting CSTA’s mission.

My Story

Dana is the event manager for CSTA. With a background in event and volunteer management, she has experience coordinating both large and small-scale events in the for-profit and nonprofit spaces. She holds a graduate certificate in nonprofit leadership from the University of Denver and is a Certified Meeting Professional. Dana is passionate about community building and loves being able to support the people who love helping others!

Outside of work, you can find her watching professional wrestling, hanging out with her cat and dog, and enjoying the plethora of themed entertainment that Orlando has to offer.

Philanthropy Lead

Daniel Rosenstein


• CSTA Philanthropic Partnerships
• CSTA Conference Sponsorships
• CSTA Philanthropy Committee

My CSTA Story

Daniel joined CSTA with a deep appreciation for teachers. As a former high school teacher, he understands how hard teachers work every day to grow as educators, become more effective, and reach students who wouldn’t otherwise see themselves in a computer science course. He is motivated by CSTA’s purpose and the values that serve as guideposts for the impact we strive to create through a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible CS teaching landscape.

My Story

Daniel leads philanthropic partnership efforts and business development for CSTA, with a focus on building relationships that secure major gifts. He collaborates closely with strategic industry partners who share CSTA’s mission and vision. For over 11 years, he has broadened networks of philanthropic supporters at young and established nonprofits. In 2022, he was recognized for his professional and lay leadership achievements as one of Jewish Chicago’s 36 Under 36.

Originally from Chicago, Daniel is a dog enthusiast who lives for Chicago summers. He enjoys cycling, grilling, gardening, and finding new ways to give back to the community. He loves planning his next travel adventure, whether it’s a short day trip or a longer international journey.

Professional Learning Manager

Dr. DaQuan Bashir


• CSTA Professional Learning Series
• CSTA Equity Fellowship

My CSTA Story

Before joining CSTA as a staff member, Dr. Bashir worked very closely with the members of his local CSTA chapter in New Jersey. Being connected to so many likeminded individuals helped Dr. Bashir realize that he was not alone in his CS advocacy. CSTA has shown him that there are others doing this work, and together they can be the driving force to create real change in CS education.

My Story

As a professional learning manager, Dr. Bashir works with CSTA Equity Fellows, the Professional Learning Series, online professional development, and coordinating CS teacher-mentor relationships. Dr. Bashir is passionate about helping educators create high-quality computer science learning experiences in their classrooms.

In his free time, he enjoys going for runs and spending time with his family.

Digital Marketing and Communications Intern

Elizabeth Ely


• CSTA Marketing
• CSTA Social Media
• CSTA Communications

My Story

Liz is a current student at University of Wisconsin – Madison specializing in communications and doing a minor in digital studies. Through this internship, she is excited to develop a stronger niche for communications and marketing and strives to use her skill set to further growth in education and be involved in making an impact on today’s youth.

In her free time, Liz enjoys traveling, hiking, writing, and being involved in the Jewish community. She also loves volunteering and spending time with her family and friends.

Regional Chapter Support Coordinator, Central

Henry Ramirez


• CSTA Central Region Support
• CSTA Policy/Advocacy

My CSTA Story

Henry retired from teaching on September 21, 2021, with thirty years’ experience in education (nine years as a bilingual/ESL teacher, seventeen as an instructional technology specialist, and four as an MS CS teacher). He served as the vice president of CSTA Greater Houston for four years.

Upon retiring, Henry was asked to consider the regional support position, a great opportunity to continue supporting CS integration. Serving the central region chapters allows him to provide support and assistance wherever needed. It’s an honor to work with the central region chapters.

My Story

When not helping his incredible central region chapters, or pursuing every opportunity to get involved with promoting computer science in his home state of Texas, Henry is a soccer nerd (assignor and referee) in northeast Houston, a movie and music fan, and a proud dad to his son and daughter, both currently located in Dallas. The rest of the time, he’s usually chasing his Dutch Shepherd mix, Beth, around the neighborhood.

K-12 Standards Project Manager

Jake Koressel


• CSTA Standards
• Pathways

My CSTA Story

Jake attended his first CSTA conference in 2018 and has been involved with his local chapter ever since. He enjoys the opportunity to connect and learn from other CS educators and is excited to see the continued growth of CSTA Indiana. Jake joined the team at CSTA in 2023.

My Story

Jake has served in a variety of roles in CS education including high school teacher, state computer science supervisor, pre-service CS teacher educator, and researcher. He is currently the K-12 Standards Project Manager with CSTA. Through this role, his work will focus on identifying essential CS content for high school students, developing model high school CS pathways, and reviewing the CSTA K-12 CS Standards.

Jake holds a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Mathematics Education and Computing Education from Indiana University and a master’s degree in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Instructional Systems Technology where is research interests center around the intersection of CS education and education policy.

In his spare time, Jake enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, golfing, and trying new foods.

Chapter Relations Lead

Jason W. Bohrer


• Connecting with your local CSTA chapter(s)
• Supporting your local CSTA chapter(s)
• Becoming a Chapter Leader

My CSTA Story

Jason is responsible for the growth, success, and management of more than 95 local CSTA chapters across the United States and abroad. He believes wholeheartedly that regional chapters are at the core of CSTA’s mission, and he is excited to support these chapters with leadership and quality programming for chapter members.

My Story

Prior to joining CSTA, Jason taught CS and English in the Northern California foothills for more than a dozen years. Before his career in education, he served in the United States Marine Corps for nearly a decade. As an educator, he helped develop a CS pathway in a Title I district that hadn’t previously offered CS courses. He emphasized closing the gender gap and engaging more female students in CS coursework, and, in 2018, his work garnered the College Board’s AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award. Passionate about CS education, Jason strives to empower teachers, schools, and districts in bringing a myriad of wonderfully developed curricula to life, and to inspire teachers to incorporate computing and computational thinking as part of every classroom.

Outside of work, Jason is an avid sports fan, relishes opportunities to travel, loves to cook, and can often be found watching original content on any of several online streaming services.

Membership Experience Manager

Jen Manly


• CSTA Membership
• Computer Science Honor Society
• CSTA Volunteering and Affinity Groups

My CSTA Story

When Jen attended her first CSTA conference in 2018, it was the first time she didn’t feel alone as a CS teacher. At the time, she was the only middle school CS teacher in her building and one of only three in her entire district. Since then, she’s spoken at five CSTA conferences, volunteered as a member of the conference committee, and received a CS Teaching Excellence Honorable Mention. CSTA has been instrumental to her growth as a CS teacher, and she was thrilled to join staff in 2022 as the membership experience manager!

My Story

Jen supports CSTA members as the membership experience manager. She is proud to be a computer science teacher and excited to support CS teachers in connecting with the community that CSTA offers.

Prior to joining the CSTA team, she taught computer science at the middle, high school, and college levels, developed curriculum locally and nationally, and facilitated professional development opportunities for teachers, including regularly presenting at the CSTA annual conference. She is coauthor of the Agile Educator Guide and a former recipient of a CSTA Teaching Excellence Honorable Mention. Jen is passionate about expanding access to high-quality, project-based computer science education, and she is an advocate for differentiated instruction that centers students as leaders in the classroom. In addition to her role at CSTA, she currently teaches one CS course per semester at the University of Maryland and facilitates professional development for schools nationwide.

In her free time, Jen is an avid sports fan, cheering for the Baltimore Orioles and the Georgia Bulldogs, and she enjoys spending time with her husband, Paul; her son, Jack; and her dog, Milton.

Senior Event Coordinator

Jordan Myers


• CSTA Annual Conference
• CSTA Events
• CSTA Conference Scholarships

My CSTA Story

Jordan always wondered how her career might have changed if computer science had been more readily available in her schools. After joining CSTA in early 2023, she has become even more passionate about equitable education for all, especially young girls. Seeing how hard each CS teacher works for their students inspires her every day.

My Story

Jordan received her degree in tourism and event management from George Mason University and began pursuing her passion for event management at the Walt Disney World Resort. During this time, her love and dedication for helping others was ignited. She looks forward to using her skills as part of a team that works to create fair and equitable education for all.

During her free time, Jordan enjoys exploring local gems in Orlando, adding to her “To Be Read” list, and cleaning out the toys her Siamese cat, Molly, kicks under the couch.

Grants Manager

Katie Snyder


• CSTA Federal Grants
• CSTA Finance
• CSTA Administrator

My CSTA Story

Since joining CSTA in 2021, Katie has learned a great deal about CS education and its importance in today’s society. Having little prior exposure to computer science education, she is constantly amazed by the reach of CS education, both inside and outside the classroom. By overseeing the amazing work CSTA has accomplished thus far with support from federally funded grants, she hopes to continue to see a rise in equitable access to CS education for all students in K–12 and beyond.

My Story

Katie is responsible for all federal grant activity for CSTA. She manages pre-award and post-award activities and ensures compliance, policies, and procedures are followed in relation to all research. She earned her undergraduate degree in history from Flagler College, spent a year as a literacy tutor with AmeriCorps working with English-language learners, and obtained a graduate degree in higher education from the University of Florida. Most of Katie’s career has been as a research administrator in higher education, and she is happy to bring both her education and grants background to the nonprofit sector.

Outside of work, you can find Katie reading multiple books at once, walking her dog, or watching the latest K-drama on Netflix.

Membership Services Specialist

Kimberly Cruz


• CSTA Membership
• CSTA Member Benefits
• CSTA Awards Program

My CSTA Story

Kimberly joined the CSTA team in January 2021 with a personal mission to work alongside her colleagues in creating a safe and equitable space for educators. Although she didn’t have the opportunity to take CS classes during the course of her own education, Kimberly understands and appreciates the value that CS teachers bring to their students, both in and out of the classroom. In addition to corresponding with members and getting to know many of them on a personal level, what Kimberly enjoys most is managing the CSTA Awards program and seeing firsthand how CS teachers and students impact their communities.

My Story

Kimberly is the member services specialist for CSTA. She developed a decade-long career in the hospitality industry with most of her time spent at the Walt Disney World Resort, where she gained extensive experience with guest and member correspondence, along with a passion for providing excellent service and helping others, for Walt Disney World and Disney Vacation Club. She is excited to bring her correspondence and project management skills to CSTA, where she serves as the awards liaison and manages member relations needs.

In her free time, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her partner and their three dogs, tending to her indoor garden, and enjoying all things Disney.

Project Manager, CSforEL

Dr. Larae Butcher


• Computer Science for English Learners (CSforEL)

My CSTA Story

Since joining CSTA in 2021, Larae has championed computer science accessibility for all students. Before joining CSTA, Larae consistently demonstrated a passion for technology and innovation, remaining well-informed about the most recent advancements in the field. As an educator and literacy coach, she pioneered the adaptation and implementation of cutting-edge technology in the classroom. A staunch advocate for computer science education, Larae stands firm in her belief that every student deserves equal access to high-quality instruction in this field.

My Story

Larae spearheads the Computer Science for English Learners (CSforEL) project at CSTA. Her efforts concentrate on expanding access to computer science for English Learners, specifically in Texas, Southern California, New Mexico, and Arizona. At the heart of this project lies professional development for AP computer science educators, which empowers teachers to deliver engaging and rigorous instruction to English learners. Larae is deeply committed to this initiative, collaborating diligently and passionately with team members, district partners, and participating teachers. In her leisure time, Larae delights in acquiring new knowledge, immersing herself in books, practicing yoga, and cherishing moments with family, friends, and her adorable Yorkie, Nina!

Director of Program Operations

Michelle Burton, CMP


• CSTA Events and Conferences
• CSTA+ Membership
• CSTA Marketing and Communications

My CSTA Story

Since joining CSTA in 2019, Michelle has come to deeply value the importance of CS education for all learners. Never having had the opportunity to take a CS class herself, she is inspired daily by the members of CSTA and the work they do every day to support their students’ learning. Now, Michelle considers herself an advocate for CS education and believes that all students should have access to an equitable CS education.

My Story

Michelle oversees the event and membership programs, as well as marketing efforts for CSTA. Her work has focused on associations, events, and communities across various nonprofits for the last 11 years. She has managed events in scope from 10 to 10,000 attendees, and she earned her CMP in 2017. Michelle is passionate about community-focused programs and believes that amazing things can happen when people come together.

When not in the office, Michelle can be found reading a good book or singing along to her favorite musicals.

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Page


• High-level inquiries
• CSTA financial matters
• No sales inquiries, please!

My CSTA Story

Michelle joined CSTA in 2018 to help relaunch and grow the organization. She has been an advocate for high-quality educational opportunities for decades, and she cares deeply about supporting teachers and students.

My Story

Michelle oversees finance and operations for CSTA. She has an aptitude for building efficiencies and developing high-performing teams within purpose-driven organizations. Michelle thrives in environments that ensure people, process, and purpose align in pursuit of maximum impact.

In her spare time, Michelle spends her time serving and advocating for equitable access to nutritious food for people facing food insecurity at her local food bank, reading great books, writing, and traveling with her family.

Regional Chapter Support Coordinator, Northeast

Ruth Farmery


• CSTA Northeast Region Chapters
• CSTA Northeast Region Chapter Events

My CSTA Story

After moving to the US from the UK, Ruth joined CSTA to find support and other CS teachers in Massachusetts. Since 2017, she’s enjoyed attending CSTA events locally and nationally and she is now a Chapter Leader with CSTA Greater Boston, a volunteer on the conference committee, and the regional support coordinator for the Northeast.

My Story

Ruth is the regional chapter support coordinator for the Northeast, supporting CSTA chapters in New England, Pennsylvania, and New York, as well as a Chapter Leader of CSTA Greater Boston. Outside of CSTA, Ruth is the director of K–12 computer science and a 7–12 science coordinator at a charter school in Cambridge, MA. Ruth is dedicated to computer science for all and providing authentic learning opportunities within and beyond the CS curriculum. Ruth moved to the US from the UK in 2014, and outside of work, she enjoys travel, reading crime fiction, cooking, and playing video games.

Regional Chapter Support Coordinator, West

Sean Glantz


• Chapter Events
• Chapter Website Support
• Regional Collaborations

My CSTA Story

Since joining CSTA in 2018, Sean has been an enthusiastic advocate for educators from other disciplines to try their hand at CS education. Sean is passionate about giving all students exposure to CS and coding, and he is working to recruit more educators to make that a possibility. This dream, along with the inspiring community of educators he met through CSTA, motivated him to join the leadership team in his home chapter of CSTA Sacramento in 2020. In 2022 Sean took on an additional role with CSTA as the regional chapter support coordinator for the west.

My Story

Sean supports CSTA chapters throughout the western region and serves on the leadership team for CSTA Sacramento.

In addition to his work with CSTA, Sean teaches computer science and career and technical education (CTE) in Davis, CA, manages the DV Makerspace, and serves as the advisor for his high school’s CS Honor Society and Girls Who Code club. Sean is a facilitator for’s AP Computer Science Principles curriculum, a fellow with Project Invent, and a Certified Agile Leader in K–12 education.

Before becoming an educator, Sean worked as a botanist for the US Forest Service in the Lake Tahoe Basin and throughout the Sierra Nevada.

Director of Education

Shaina Glass, M.Ed.


• CSTA Equity Fellowship Program (Current Fellows and Alumni)
• CSTA Student and Teacher Standards (Alignment)
• Educator-Led Policy and Advocacy

My CSTA Story

When learning more about computer science for her students, Shaina started looking for her village of like-minded educators. Someone recommended she become a member of her local CSTA chapter and apply to attend that year’s CSTA conference. Shaina applied for a scholarship (and got it!), attended the conference, and learned so much about the impact of CSTA chapters. After returning home, she connected with her local chapter, helped build community by connecting CS educators in her district with her local chapter, and applied to be an Equity Fellow. Shaina accepted every opportunity to strengthen CS teachers, in her then-district and now across the whole country!

My Story

Shaina develops, supports, and facilitates programs and professional learning experiences for computer science educators, CSTA members, and Chapter Leaders.

Prior to joining CSTA, Shaina worked in education for 16 years, educating students and teachers alike. As technology applications and STEM program director for Aldine Independent School District in Texas, she worked to expand equitable access to STEM, technology, and computer science instruction to over 65,000 PreK–12 students. She also serves as a member of CSforTX, Texas’s Computer Science Advocacy Coalition and the president of CSTA Greater Houston, as well as a writer for the CSTA K–12 CS Standards, and the Texas K–8 Technology Applications standards.

In her free time, Shaina enjoys yoga, painting, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Marketing and Communication Lead

Stacy Jeziorowski


• CSTA Marketing and Communications
• CSTA’s The Voice
• Media Inquiries
• No Sales Inquiries, please!

My CSTA Story

Stacy joined CSTA in 2018 during a time of organizational transformation. During her tenure with CSTA, she’s been thrilled to be a part of CSTA’s growth and to see the expansion of membership benefits and programs to support computer science teachers and their students. She’s learned so much from colleagues and CSTA members about the importance of creating equitable computer science classrooms.

My Story

Stacy has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and communications. She’s worked in associations for the past nine years, leading rebranding and digital transformation initiatives. Stacy holds a master’s degree in digital communications and media arts and an undergraduate degree in communications and English from DePaul University. She was honored as one of Digital Megaphone’s 2019 Top Women in Digital Marketing and is serving as a mentor in the Women in Marketing Mentor Program.

Outside of work, you can find her giving back to the running community as a pace leader for Chicago Endurance Sports, hanging out with her cats, and enjoying the Chicago seasons.

Philanthropy and Grants Coordinator

Vechhany Hou


• Partnership Opportunities
• Grants and Stipends

My CSTA Story

Vechhany joined CSTA in 2022 and quickly became excited about the opportunities to support equitable education for teachers and students through the organization’s multiple grants. Her involvement with CSTA has helped her gain a deep appreciation for the organization’s mission to advance computer science education and elevate the voices of educators in the field. Vechhany has found that being a part of CSTA has not only helped her grow professionally but allowed her to be part of a community dedicated to continuous learning and growth.

My Story

As the philanthropy and grants coordinator for CSTA, Vechhany is thrilled to combine her passions for education and nonprofit work to support the organization’s mission. Vechhany holds an undergraduate degree from Fresno State University, where she developed a deep love for education and supporting underserved communities. In her current role, Vechhany is responsible for securing funding through grants and philanthropic partnerships to support CSTA’s programs and initiatives. She is committed to ensuring that all students have access to high-quality computer science education and that teachers have the resources to provide effective instruction.

When she’s not busy securing funding for CSTA’s important work, she loves spending time with her furry best friend, planning road trips to new and exciting destinations, diving headfirst into the next romance novel, and experimenting with delicious recipes in the kitchen.

Regional Chapter Support Coordinator, South

Yolanda Payne


• CSTA Chapters
• Physical Computing Resources

My CSTA Story

Yolanda was the only teacher in her district teaching computer science. After she got connected to with Dr. Jeff Gray in Alabama, she learned more about CSTA, and CSTA has been her professional development home since.

My Story

Yolanda has been in love with computers since her parents bought a Tandy computer from Radio Shack. With over 20 years of education experience ranging from Pre–K to college, Yolanda hopes that her love of learning, her curiosity, and her eagerness to add adventure to everyday life are elements of the legacy she is building in the field of CS education. Previously, Yolanda was a Constellations fellow at Georgia Tech, where she assisted teachers in implementing advanced CS courses in high schools. As a chapter leader with CSTA Georgia and CSTA Virgin Islands, she stays engaged in current classroom practices by working with the teams and advocating for teachers to have access to resources. In her spare time, she loves creating fun memories on a budget with her children.