Institutional Partnerships

Connect with CSTA members as a CSTA Institutional Partner

Corporate and nonprofit organizations have a meaningful impact on all of CSTA’s programming. Help our members get the resources they need to be more effective teachers and reach more students. Our annual partnerships offer several options to connect you to the stakeholders you want to reach and educate.

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20,000+ CSTA members worldwide

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53% have a purchasing responsibility

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~40k followers on CSTA social networks

Annual Partnership Tiers*
Organization SizeAnnual Fee
Small (1–100 Employees)$2,000
Medium (101–499 Employees)$5,000
Large (500+ Employees)$8,000
This chart breaks down partnership tiers by organization size and corresponding pricing.

*Prices are reflective of corporate partnerships. Nonprofit pricing available upon request.

You can learn more about CSTA’s institutional partner opportunities by completing this brief interest form and/or writing to